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This blog describes the joys of coaching an AAU basketball team from Mattawa, WA. Our team and town is roughly 90% Mexican. The blog celebrates and describes life in a central Washington town through the eyes of the players and their coaches.

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I work as a School Psychologist in the Wahluke School District. When I am not coaching I enjoy fishing, reading, and riding my bike.

22 April, 2007

Taking Their Turn

The photo shows our two captains during a time-out

The Wahluke Eagles prevailed over Granger White 42-10 on Saturday. Granger is a young team playing their first year of basketball with a mix of fifth and fourth grade players. The Eagles found them to be hard working and good sports.

This game allowed the the junior players an opportunity to play the majority of the game, while the seniors sat on the bench to watch. During the first and second quarter, Jesus had many opportunities to make a shot. Oscar and Tony ignored their open three pointers choosing to pass the ball to Jesus, who being short was stuffed. So in the third quarter a new plan was hatched, set him up for a three. Twice he went to the top of the key and twice Oscar passed and commanded him to shoot. He missed. The third try brought as many points and the fifth shot made it six points. In his excitement he yelled out. The coaches understood his excitement but then took him out of the game as a lesson. The Eagles don't show up their opponents.

Each of the Eagles scored at least two points except Librado. When the coaches became aware, the Eagles called time out and instructed Librado to get open and for the Point Guard to get him the ball. Librado got open, got the ball, but not the shot. He tried from the right side, left side, top of the key, and three but all to no avail. He had several good looks and one that hit rim but failed to go through the net.

Jose and Cristian scored and had their season highs for this year. Given significant playing time, Jose showed that he has been paying attention. In addition to his 4 points, he had an astounding 6 rebounds and 4 steals. When he tried out for the team, Juan and I were impressed with his running and now he is learning how to translate his speed and endurance into coordinated movements on the court.

After struggling through the Fall and Winter, this game felt good. The juniors experienced game minutes and the seniors watched them work hard and try their best. The coaches enjoyed seeing the juniors execute the same moves they practice. And despite his outburst, everyone was happy for Jesus.

Game Statistics Alan (7 points, 2 rebounds), Antonio (7 points, 6 steals, and 1 block), Christopher (4 points, 1 rebound), Cristian (4 points, 4 rebounds), Eduardo (4 points, 1 rebound), Gabino (2 points), Jesus (6 points, 3 steals), Jose (4 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals), Librado (3 rebounds, 2 steals), and Oscar (5 points, 4 rebounds)


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