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This blog describes the joys of coaching an AAU basketball team from Mattawa, WA. Our team and town is roughly 90% Mexican. The blog celebrates and describes life in a central Washington town through the eyes of the players and their coaches.

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I work as a School Psychologist in the Wahluke School District. When I am not coaching I enjoy fishing, reading, and riding my bike.

19 March, 2006

Brotherly Love

The sixth grade boys are divided into intramural teams. Two of the boys on my team (Freddy and Gabino) have brothers playing on a team with their friends. Mr. Martinez and I decided that a scrimmage against the sixth graders would be a good idea, as our team is a bit on the short side and we need practice going against a bigger team.

So today the five of the sixth graders showed up. We took them through our practice including the drills. Then we got out the score clock and had a game. At first, the Eagles were a bit overconfident. The sixth graders hung in there and didn't give up. Our rebounding skills came to naught against a player that's a foot taller. Also any sloppy pass and a few good ones were intercepted as well.

However, after two seven minute quarters, the boys began to adjust. They sped up the game, made good passes, and tried their best to bring down the boards. They found success and we won the game 35-28. Afterwards a few of the sixth graders were upset loosing to younger kids. So perhaps we'll have a rematch. I think the sixth grader who took the loss the worse was Saul. He's Freddy's older brother and he's been the one most terrorized by him.

I was happy. Not so much because we won but more because the boys adjusted their game to suit their opponent and even when going against a taller team, they showed no quit off the glass.


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